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Off My Chest… and On to Courage


I’m tired of people bad-mouthing Christianity as though it is the destruction of all society, and something only believed by ignorant, weak, hypocritical, bigots who need something to mindlessly follow. Phew, that felt good to say! Unfortunately that comment will likely drop the views on this blog and the friends on my Facebook page… but so be it.  Those of you who know me will hopefully hear me out on this one, whether you believe in Christ or not.

Now on to courage, an interesting topic to me…  Getting something else off my chest, namely my breasts due to cancer has deemed me courageous in the eyes of many.  I’ve fielded many questions of how I got through that. The funny thing is I’m not courageous at all! Seriously, I hate blood draws, don’t even like to take Advil, and prior to cancer never had a surgery save for a couple of C-sections- a certified medical sissy. 

But here I am, suddenly faced with quite radical surgeries, pumping toxic chemicals into my body, being radiated, and endless blood draws. At this point, my faith came alive. I had a choice at this moment to believe that my life was in God’s control, and that he is always good, and always works for my best –OR- I could choose to forget that (because look where that got me) and turn my back on God. The problem with the latter choice is that there is no hope there. No hope for a future, no hope for life after death, no hope for my children or my family. So in my mind there was no choice, I set my mind ready for battle and believed God. (In the words of Beth Moore) That he is who he says he is, can do what he says he can do, that I am who he says I am, that I can do all things (even battle cancer) in him who strengthens me and that his word is alive and active today.

Here’s the deal, that didn’t make it a cake-walk but I made it through something I was intensely afraid of.  And, I had God’s supernatural peace even if I didn’t survive. Never underestimate the power of hope in the Almighty God.  Christianity isn’t just an ugly, hypocritical religion used to shame people who don’t think the same way (although certainly some have used it that way). It is a real live powerful relationship with our creator, who is good and loving and that provides for us all that we need in this life. Including hope… and that is a beautiful thing when your situation looks bleak.