I’m just a girl with a story… everyone has a hand-crafted one to share you know.  God designs things that way- each experience, all the joys, all the heartache it’s there for a reason for drawing you closer to his heart and for drawing others closer to his heart. Oh you don’t believe God exists? That’s ok you can still read this blog, though I will unapologetically talk of him often. Now that we have that settled…

My story is about a relatively 😉  young woman living in a foreign land (Green Bay, WI)… foreign because I grew up in Oregon. How did I get here? Oh well, it’s a love story of course. Smitten by a handsome mid-western man I agreed to take his hand in marriage IF I never had to move to WI. Enter God’s delectable humor in that ultimatum of mine and 3 years later I am living in WI. We have been here for 9 years now and it has certainly been a wild ride. Abundant blessings abound in our two beautiful children, a boy and a girl ages 8 and 6. The joys they bring are inexplicable and they have proven some of the best teachers of life and faith. But with every good story there are downs that weave in and out of the ups. Everyone has them, and this blog is about finding the beauty in the valleys… my most notable one being a breast cancer diagnosis nearly 5 years ago. This is my effort to seek God’s desire for my life in light of the cancer he’s allowed to come in to it, to continue to believe and know that God is good and trust him above all else because his plans for me are good!




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