Monthly Archives: February 2012

Order Your Chaos!


My husband started a fellowship program at the beginning of the year. It has added a different dimension to our household and has required some adjustments to accommodate time for his studies. We like everyone else have had many “transitions” in our married life.

This particular transition; however, is proving quite challenging for me in that it requires discipline on my part. I am not friends with discipline! I like to think of myself as creative, spontaneous and free-willed. The past few weeks I’ve been wrestling with the fact that I am going to have to embrace discipline and routine to be the help-mate I am called to be. I’ve been praying that God will help me in this endeavor. And in the middle of my prayers I can nearly hear God laughing at the irony that I call myself a disciple yet fear discipline. Now you don’t need to do a word study to see how closely related those words are…

As I prayed God began transforming the way I think of the discipline of routine. This weekend I was reminded that God brings order out of chaos and makes things good. He created the world and ordered it: day and night, sky, sea and land, animals of the land and of the sea, man and woman. God gave humans charge to rule over the earth and we are also to bring order and good.

Here is what stuck with me, and every day since I find myself asking am I bringing order or chaos to my family’s life? There is plenty of chaos in this life, but I sure don’t want to be bringing it about especially in the lives of those I love.

What can you do to order the chaos in your corner of the world and bring some good? Does it require some discipline? Mine does. Do it anyway, that’s what you are called to do and you will be blessed.