Small Stuff


Ever have those days where you feel pressed in on from every side? Days filled with worry and despair, sometimes for no identifiable reason. That’s where I am again today, was there yesterday too. So, I thought (because that’s what I do ad nauseum) how ironic that I have a blog about finding beauty when in my head and heart right now I see none. How tempting it is to not write when I am in this state of mind… but this is life and that’s where I’m at now so I press on.

My prayers lately have been that God would begin to reveal to me choices I make that may seem insignificant that actually end up having a significant impact (positive or negative) on those around me. This could be something as simple as stopping what I am doing to actively listen and see what it is my child wants to show me. Or not staying up too late looking at crafts I’ll never make and food I’ll never cook on Pinterest ( not that I’ve ever done that 😉 )  as that sets me up to be irritable the following day. I’m beginning to see that good choices in the small details of life have bigger impact than we think- something worth giving thought to.

The next couple of days examine carefully the many choices you make during a day. Which ones may have a greater impact than you think? Are you willing to begin making choices that honor God and bless those around you?




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  1. Hey gail, I love reading your blogs! Keep it up! I was just saying last night to a group of kids that I am not always Christlike in my actions… And like you said, it’s the little things that matter. It’s the little trivial things people notice , so like you, I’m choosing to attempt to make better choices. Keep blogging! You are beautiful inside and out! Miss you!

    • Julie,

      Thank you for the encouragement. It’s a little scary living outloud on a blog, but sometimes I just need to get all these crazy thoughts out of my head so I can get on with life! I figure if there is an added benefit that God may use them to bless someone else then all the better. I miss you too, know you are loved and spoken of (in all the best ways) often.


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