Seeing the “Extra” in the Ordinary


One gift that I got a precious glimpse of as I endured the treatment for cancer was a sheer delight for anything ordinary. I actually yearned for the strength to bathe my kids, clip their fingernails, and even at one moment desired the strength to do the dishes! This of course sounds utterly absurd to me at the moment… I believe however, that God was showing me how much I take for granted in my life. The very ability to care for my family and my household is a blessing. Sadly, I don’t so much feel that way now just a few short years later.

When tragedy comes we begin to see things from a very different perspective time and people become precious, and so does ordinary. Because when tragedy comes ordinary all of a sudden looks quite extraordinary.  I want that again, that ability to see the “extra” in my ordinary, for time and people to be precious again. As you go about your day today delight in the ordinary, give a little thought to what it would be like to not be able to do all those things you are doing, give a little thought about the people you are with and how you spend your time- begin to view them as precious because they are.


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  1. I agree with your thoughts. I struggle with how to stop my brain or the “to-do-list” in my head!” How do we find the will to bask in the every day rituals and be happy with not what we crossed off but to be present in the moment. Can you help me?

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